Friday, June 26, 2009

Japanese Goth Fashion Icons - Kokusyoku Sumire

Kokusyoku Sumire is a music group that combines opera, rock, classical and electronica via its two musicians Yuka and Sachi. The talented pair are also gorgeous poster children for Japanese Goth and the Goth-Loli fashion style. They are also the models for Lolita-inspired "Angelic Pretty" collection. Their live shows and music show a multi-disciplinary range and are often cute and unsettling at the same time. Of course, each appearance and video is a beautiful showcase in elaborate Gothic and Lolita fashion

Monday, June 22, 2009

First Look at Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

I don't know about you darlings, but I can barely wait until 2010 when this film is released. Tim Burton, a dark creative prince is one of my favorite film directors. Alice? While whimsical, always had a darker, slightly sinister undertone and was one of my favorites as a child. Together, what a wonderful couple they make.
Here is a first look at the handsome Johnny Depp, almost unrecognizable as the Mad Hatter, the lovely Helena Bonham-Carter and Anne Hathaway as the red and white queen. It looks like Mr. Burton has his wonderful creative team on board for art direction and costumes.
Looking for a dark Alice fix before the movie? Get a copy of cult game hit, Alice from American McGee which served as an inspiration for this vision.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Witches - Gothic Fashion Label Launch in L.A.

From celebrity playground, the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, designers Lauren Alexander and Gabby Applegate launched a gorgeous collection for the modern sorceress, "Witches".
The collection, as described by the designers is a "modern take on Goth, Grunge, and Victorian dressing. The entire line is comprised of black lace, velvet, silk, and spandex".

The collection launch event (on a Friday, the 13th) was a dramatic presentation in Gothic opulence. Ravens, etched mirrors, black ribbons and vintage morbid postcards adorned elegant antique set pieces. The pieces are generally priced at an accessible $200-$400 for such sophisticated offerings and will be available for purchase Fall 2009. (No jokes about Hollywood bloodsuckers though).

Photos courtesy of

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gareth Pugh Fall 2009 Gothic Fashion Video

British fashion designer, Gareth Pugh exhibited his dark chic collection for Fall with an avant-garde video instead of a runway show. When interviewed on his choice, Gareth explained that he finds sending a girl walking up and down the catwalk "a little half-assed, for lack of a better word. It's a well-trodden formula and I think it's time for a change."
The collection had ensemble after ensemble of diaphanous black chiffons, flowing in inky swirls, futuristic silhouettes and web-like tucks and pleats. I must agree, luxury fabrics and unusual shapes are more effectively shown when you have the flexibility of film and effects. Some more stodgy fashion editors were not as enthusiastic. Perhaps that's the difference between the seniors who prefer live theater versus the younger generation awed by the effects of digital movie screens.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Baby Noir - Dark Chic for the Urban Baby

Not a pastels kind of Mom? Do duckies and teddy bears make you ill? Do you need your little one to be dressed as chic and cosmopolitan as yourself? New mother Kazuki Kozuru was a New York fashion designer for some of the top houses in the industry. When her daughter was born, she naturally wanted to dress her in the same, stylish aesthetic that she herself subscribed to. However, after shopping the market, she realized that baby clothes in the stores did not follow suit.

The popular new parent book states, "Urban Babies Wear Black". If that's true, where were they all shopping?

Looking to correct a glaring glitch in the market, Kazuki started a small, home-grown baby collection from scratch. The stylish onesies have Victorian-inspired ruffles down the front and tees have fabulous screen-printed motifs (my favorite is the warrior-like sword-wielding princess). She even has accessories, like the black rose petal hat modeled above.

Baby Noir can be purchased every week in Brooklyn at the Artists and Fleas market, as well as online here.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Steampunk Parties in NYC

The second Sunday of every month, the OBJECTify group hosts a decadent party for "Intelligent Technophiles and Discerning Fetishists". The downtown NYC gathering is a venue for guests to dress exquisitely and be treated to music and magical performances, tarot card readings, Victorian portraits and fashion presentations. If you have something to offer to the evening, great! They are happy to take volunteers and participation.

The Delancey

168 Delancey (Clinton & Attorney)

Doors at 9pm - PartYcipate til 4am

2-4-1 Drinks from 9 til 10

$3 PBR All Night

$20 for the Uninformed, $10 for The Fabulous

FREE for Artists who bring 2D/3D art, offer a performance or otherwise partYcipate!

Dress: Antiquarians, Navigators, Explorers, Pirates, Pervy Seamen, All Continents, All Centuries. Make. An. Effort. FIGMENT volunteer chic also welcome so show off your orange FIGMENT staff gear and grass-stained knees!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

True Blood Style - Slow Southern Goth

If you live in the States, HBO's True Blood premieres its second season this weekend. The incredibly sexy, darkly humorous television program has made quite an impact for more than the great writing.

The actresses of the show have been noticed quite a bit for the skimpy, Southern styled costumes that they wear from scene to scene. The setting is a humid and hot Louisiana, where people generally wouldn't want to wear much. The costume designers also pretty, sweet, pastels and whites which make a dramatic backdrop for all the blood splatters that come their way. As so much of the show is set at night, many lingerie looks have made their way into the wardrobe as well. If some of that lingerie helps accentuate certain features, that's just a bonus.

Star Anna Paquin describes,“Our costume designers are very talented at that. No disrespect to my God-given assets, which are quite modest, but they can make a lot out of not so much. It’s hilarious. I’m walking around with what some woman would pay a lot of money to have done to her body. I’m all tan and blonde and look nothing like myself, so why not be half-naked with my boobies around my chin?”

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dracula's Cabaret in Australia

Looking for a campy, tasty dinner and a show? If you travel to the Gold Coast area of Australia, check out the Dracula's Cabaret.
Elaborate costumes, musical numbers, tongue-in-cheek humor are joined by themed cuisine.
The menu lists dishes like Silence of the Lamb, Entombed Beef and of course, Death by Chocolate. Your ticket price also includes a Ghost-train ride.
They also have a haunted house, if you need to take a leisurely stroll before or after the show. Can't make the trip? Have a gander at their online Horror Shop.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Steampunk Patterns On Sale for $4.99 - Monday/Tuesday

Ok, you would never think to go to old timer Butterick Patterns for your Steampunk or Goth needs, but they are now issuing vintage and classically tailored patterns in recognition of different wardrobe genres. Today and tomorrow, they are putting ALL of their patterns on sale for $4.99 (usually up to $25). This includes the corsets, gloves, wrist bracers and gowns that crafty DIY types like you can create for your ultimate ensemble.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Gothic Fashion at Wave Gothic Festival - Germany

What started out as a small music festival of only ten bands in 1992, the Wave Gothic Festival in Leipzig Germany, is now one of the biggest gatherings of Goth, Cybergoth and Steampunk fans worldwide. The four day festival which ended last week. showcased over 100 bands.

The event was more notably, a stunning exhibition in the most elegant, creative Gothic fashions of every genre. Everything from precious vintage items to meticulously crafted accessories made by the wearers themselves were paraded around the event. The producers are already gearing up for next year's event on their website.

For more gorgeous photos of the fashions, click here. Photos from the Daily Mail UK.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Gothic Lolita: A Training Manual

There are many genres of dark and Gothic styling. Most of the divas out there can accept and crossover their fashionable wardrobes. However, the Courtesan has learned that if there was any group out there in the Gothic universe that is very particular about the proper style etiquette, it would be the Lolitas.
For the uninitiated, the term "Gothic Lolita" should not be used lightly to refer to any cute, lacy or vaguely Victorian costume fan. There are apparently many rules pertaining to accessories, pop culture influences, and even quality of your clothing materials...
Sound overwhelming? Not to worry, there is a WikiHow chapter that spells out in 7 basic steps exactly what it takes to transform yourself into this fashion icon. This website explicitly describes every detail you need to tend to, resources for shopping as well as the importance of good sewing skills.
Once you have mastered the basics, you can branch off into the sub genres... Dark, Sweet, Cyber, Glitter, Elegant...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors in NYC

Come one come all to Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors this weekend in NYC. A three-day fest of seminars, parties, celebrities and a special Vampire Ball. Guests include Pan's Labyrinth and Hellboy director Guillermo Del Toro, and Buffy the Vampire's James Marsters. Actors and creators from all of your favorite horror/fantasy mediums will be there too.
If you are a big "Spike" fan, James Marsters is giving a concert, as well as an intimate cocktail party... (no word on whether or not bloody Marys will be served).
"Sinister Seminars" include workshops on "Screamwriting" and producing your own films.
Don't miss photo ops, special effects demos and tons of spooky vendors while you're there.
Go in costume, or in your best Gothic finery...make me proud.


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