Friday, August 14, 2009

Macabre Travel: Dark Mills Festival in London

The Dark Mills Festival is a celebration of the alternative scene in London. On the 5th of September, it will bring together a wealth of talent from cabaret, burlesque, art, music and theatre from the Gothic scene. The English setting for the event is positively Medieval (in a good way!). What could be a better backdrop for Steampunks, corset-laced Goths, dramatic musicians and vintage-inspired artists than an ancient textile water mill ?
This free (!) festival features acts like the Eden House, Noblesse Olbige and Global Citizen among many others. Look for sexy burlesque performers the Satanic Sluts who remind me of vampiric fetish cheerleaders on acid. Admire visual artists like Chris Archilleos and then dance until morning at the Reptile Club.
Of course darlings, do me proud and look your seductive best...

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