Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tokyo Fashion Week - Fur Fur's Fall 2010 Rapture

Tokyo Fashion Week is always the one I look forward to the most in the global round of fashion shows. Fur Fur presented a fantasy shipwreck themed runway last season. This season, it was all about saints, angels and possibly the rapture. Designer Aya Furuhashi showed elaborate concoctions of lace, ruffles and crucifixes that looked like they were ripped right from the church walls. The models looked somber, even stricken. With what? I can't be sure. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful, dramatic presentation.


Lady Evyan said...

Ah! That's why japonese girls are so small, no wonder, wearing such big crosses aroud the neck... I can't imagine the weight of that much religion on one's shoulders...

Lovely fashion though, Japan always finds a way of suprising the ocidental civilized world with the everyday symbols of european and modern american culture. And we just walk by and hardly see those things around us. We are missing so much of our own culture.

Mariko said...

The third dress is amazing, I would wear the heck out of that. The crucifix in the second picture is epic! I have never seen such a big crucifix outside of a church, lol.


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