Monday, February 21, 2011

Betsey Johnson's Girly Goth Fall 2011

The clothes had a lot more color that Gothic fashionistas are used to. However, the edgy sensibility was there at the Fall 2011 Betsey Johnson fashion show in corset-styling, the jet black Louise Brooks hairstyles and blood red lipstick. Black lace trimmed dresses, shoes and neck chokers.  Draped hoods and skirts gave appropriate drama. 

It's hard to believe this once Studio54-partying designer is now a 68 year old grandmother...It is especially hard to believe when you see her still doing her signature cartwheel down the catwalk at the end of show.  Celebrity stylist Patricia Field of Sex and the City fame was dragged down the runway too...
Photos by Ritika Wahal


Ms. Blasé said...

Ooh, dibs on that purple and black dress in the bottom right-hand corner!

dminor4 said...

Hmmmm...I don't like any of this. The patterns don't match at all. It's more Harajuku than Gothic, which is fine...but I'm just not into looking like a clown.


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