Sunday, July 10, 2011

Grange Hall - Urban Flower in Dallas, TX

Posh, chic and macabre.  Not exactly the style one would associate with Dallas, Texas.  However, if you find yourself down South, Urban Flower/Grange Hall is a must-shop store with a gorgeous collection of jewelry and home decor.  Witty porcelain skulls (with a gold tooth), delicate treatments on taxidermy, candelabras made from doll heads make an elegant addition to any Gothic home.

Intricately cast jewelry from great designers look great with your corseted fashion.  Owners Rajan Patel and Jeffrey Lee produce beautiful floral arrangements as florists, but the curated dark-tinged merchandise is chosen with a sense of humor earn them a loyal customer following.


Ms Misantropia said...

Beautiful things!

MASQ Fashion said...

Awesonme page! Is there any chance to get featured? I create alternative clothing inspired by steampunk, dieselpunk, gothic.
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ArtistsinProgress said...

It all just looks so dam cosy, a good rest in peace sort of place. Next stop, Dallas!

Ms. Blasé said...

Love the array of items in the first pic... although all the pics are great. Very enchanting.

trickortreat said...

It's like this ALL YEAR? Ohhh, they are definatly getting added to my map of Spooky Places. Very cool share -thanks!


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