Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lolitas and Gothic Lolitas at New York Comic-Con

I love New York Comic-con.  It's like Halloween came early, but with better cosplay and outfits.  There was no shortage of Lolitas and their darker counterpart, Gothic Lolitas.  There were several panels that addressed the nuances of the style and brought out a bunch of fashionable fans...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Steampunk Haunted House

What kind of haunted house guest are you?  Blood and gore?  Guts and psychological torture? New York City has plenty of that (with or without the haunted house).  If you want a little elegance and steampunk with your Halloween outing, look no further than Third Rail Project's Steampunk Haunted House.

For its third year, the theme of the show is "Through the Looking Glass".  A nightmarish version of the Alice in Wonderland tale.  You are taken through a journey through three floors of a century-old playhouse.  The experience is a mix of performance art, dance, rusty clockwork and neo-Victorian elegance.

This may not be the most terrifying haunted house in the city, but I'll place my bets that this is the most stylish.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween Guide: Dracula's Ball Philadelphia

So what are YOU doing for Halloween?  If you're looking for sexy, vampy fun, check out the Dracula Ball in Philadelphia.  The chic band Psyche Corporation and The Last Dance are headlining.  The organizers have wickedly themed parties every few months, but Halloween is their big one.  As you can see from past event photos, the dress code ranges from fetish, to Goth, to inventive costumes. 

Besides the performers, expect music ranging from 1980's to New Wave, metal to world music.  All genres of vampire are welcome (Bela Lugosi or True Blood?).  Costumes and Gothic garb is not required, but it just wouldn't be as fun!  

 People from all over the country and overseas make the journey to this event.  Philadelphia in general is a great city for wicked fun. If you want some good scares at one of the most spookiest places in the U.S. check out the (truly) haunted house held at the historic Eastern State Penitentiary.  Admire the wall of Dia de los Muertos dioramas with a strong margarita and great food at one of my Philly faves, El Vez.  

Are you ready? Get dressed and go!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Edgar Allen Poe Red Velvet Cake

The weather is cooling down and I am indulging my love of baking. One of my favorite food blogs just posted a wickedly good red velvet cake...

Perfect for any Gothic gourmet gathering, Heather Baird of the baking blog Sprinkles Bakes has created a visual masterpiece honoring the dark author Edgar Allen Poe...

Check it out at


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