Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Street Style: Marilyn Manson Fans

I was in South Beach last week to shoot all the runways for Miami Fashion Week Swim.  Two blocks west, a different display of style was going on.  The sidewalks were an anti-runway of Gothic fashion, fetish and punk style.  The occasion?  The concert of Marilyn Manson of course.

  This was a stark contrast to the tanned, bikini-sporting models at the Raleigh Hotel.  I was particularly impressed with the dedication of these fans with the stockings and lace-up boots in the humidity and heat of Florida.  How is it that no one seems to be sweating except me?  The ladies looked great, but guys got into the act with edgy rocker style as well.  

I wish someone would tell me how to wear this much eyeliner without having it run at these temperatures.  Really, anyone?


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