Sunday, January 26, 2014

Katy Perry's Goth Grammys

Pop's angelic princess broke out in dark chic tonight in her Grammy performance of "Dark Horse".  Onstage with rapper Juicy J, the singer was dressed in glorious Goth style in a light-up crucifix top, shredded ombre skirt, leather heels and spiky crown.

Striking imagery like a stage on flames where she spun around broomsticks like a Salem witch on fire and the sculpted horse that broke apart with the dancers was one of the most dramatic performances (and edgy) of the night.

Is this a new direction for Katy Perry?  Gimmicky or new range?  Did she pull it off?  Let's see your verdict:

 Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images North America

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Vivienne Westwood Romances the Vienna Ballet

Hello Darlings!  I apologize for neglecting you the past few months as I have been working on some big projects.  I wanted to start the year off by showing you some gorgeous costume designs by Vivienne Westwood for the Vienna State Ballet.

They are not exactly Goth, but romantic as hell with some flirty punk tartan thrown in.  The costumes are being worn by the dancers for an intermission performance during today’s New Year’s Day concert in Austria. 

Black satin ballet shoes, miles of deep wine colored silk taffeta and black tulle… Sexy plaid miniskirts with pom pom dotted legwarmers.  Men in sleekly tailored jackets and oh-so-firm legs. Could you ask for abetter fashion fantasy than that?

Happy 2014 my loves!
Photos by ORF/Günther Pichlkostner


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