Monday, June 2, 2014

Behind Maleficient's Style

Did you see Angelina Jolie as Maleficient this weekend?  She was glorious. While I can't say I loved everything about the movie itself, I was smitten with her and the dark fairy Goddess look she rocked.

  Spanish costume designer Manuel Albarran is known for his fashion looks specializing in leather and corsetry.  He collaborated with legendary Hollywood costumer Sandy Powell, milliner Justin Smith and Rob Goodwin on some of the pieces as well. Creature effects and make-up legend Rick Baker created the Lady Gaga-inspired cheek implants.  

While Maleficient's signature horns from the Disney animated version may have evolved from 15th century headpieces called horned hennins, the film depicted them as more woodland creature.  They looked like a cross between a ram's horns and antelope. Her dramatic wings required layers and layers of hand dyed feathers carefully attached to a bone spine. The horns were leather wrapped around a metal base.

Loving the red lipstick?  Your best shot would be M.A.C.'s Maleficient collaboration which has the deep crimson shade in lipstick, gloss and pencil.  The collection also has those dramatic lashes.  Love it.


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