Monday, August 17, 2015

Wounderland: Mothmeister's Cosplay + Taxidermy Chic

This awesomely creepy and beautiful series of photographers was created by Mothmeister a Belgian couple who are artists. They have a passion for taxidermy and combined it with the dramatic headpieces of Candice Angelini and dolls of artist Annie Montgomerie.

This series was inspired by fairy tales and nightmares. The idea first sparked as a response to selfie culture and the mass media's notion of beauty. The masks have a grotesque quality, but the taxidermy animals, costume and photography are beautifully show in the style of Victorian times.

You can check out Mothmeister's Instagram which is like the social media equivalent to a cabinet of curiosities or the Mothmeister blog.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Alexander McQueen and Nick Knight Film

This is a combination of two of my favorite creative brands. Photographer Nick Knight and his sexy, surreal imagery and the gorgeous fashion fantasy of Alexander McQueen. It features footage shot by Knight for a tribute film and the was spurred on by the inspiration of the Savage Beauty exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London:


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